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    How many Disabled Retired Police Officers are there in America?
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Policevets Welcome to the home of the American Police Veterans. If you are a police veteran, a policevet as we say, you have probably noticed that retirement and disability have ushered in a whole new world.  The brotherhood, the thin blue line, the fraternal ties that got you through the hard times has evaporated. For many of you the change is for the good, but for many the changes have been shocking as they have been unexpected.  American Police Veterans brings a new experience to the American police culture. Policevets are discovering that they are a very diverse group with a common history and culture. 

Our Mission It is the mission of the American Police Veterans to create a community that supports retired and disabled law enforcement officers through peer support, advocacy and fellowship.  Policevets working with the community to build social, economic and health support systems for America's aging, infirm and disabled law enforcement officers.  American Police Veterans is governed by the principle that no policevet should live in isolation and their many personal and family sacrifices shall not be forgotten.

Purpose American Police Veterans is an organization dedicated to the issues and needs of America's former law enforcement officers from departments and agencies across the USA.

American Police Veterans grew out of the frustrations of many retired and disabled law enforcement officers. Founded by a disabled municipal police sergeant who found that once you leave the job, you've left the job. Frequently, the agency, political organization, public coworkers and others have no use for you. The support systems that allowed you to deal with the job evaporate quickly. It becomes increasingly difficult to identify with and be accepted into any type of peer community.

If you are like many retirees you will seek out support and find that the few resources available are allocated to the families of fallen officers. Concerns of Police Survivors (COPS) is not a place to find comfort if you survived. If you got out alive rejoice! If you look back I'm sure that you know too many that didn't complete the journey and died at their own hand. For them we pray.

The good news is that things change. We have an opportunity to form a community of former law enforcement officers. We will with your assistance and participation build our station. We can furnish it with resources that make our service honorable, your life easier and your existence meaningful. Yes!, we will build a community by identifying resources, initiating partnerships and creating networking opportunities for Police Veterans.

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